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Events from the 1990s

We record all of our events since we formed in 1954. To view these as a PDF decade by decade…

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Events from the 1980s

We record all of our events since we formed in 1954. To view these as a PDF decade by decade…

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Events from the 1970s

We record all of our events since we formed in 1954. To view these as a PDF decade by decade…

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Events from the 1960s

We record all of our events since we formed in 1954. To view these as a PDF decade by decade…

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Events from the 1950s

We record all of our events since we formed in 1954. To view these as a PDF decade by decade…

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Past Events 2019

2019 – ‘Syria and its impact on the region and beyond’ – Ribal Al-Assad – in the House of Commons

Past Events 2018

The Events Co-ordinator from late-2018 till 2020 was Celia Matthews

2018 – ‘The Future of Afghanistan’ – Chief Ajmal Khan – in the House of Commons

2018 – Strengthening Joint Euro-Atlantic Security Space – A Perspective From Latvia. H.E. Ms Baiba Braže, Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to the U.K.

2018 – Irish Republican Terrorism past, present, & future – Have the IRA Gone Away? Dr William R. Matchett, formerly Royal Ulster Constabulary Special Branch.

2018 – ‘How ordinary democratic process, not violence, got British women the vote’ – Belinda Brown.

Past Events 2017

2017 – ‘Somaliland – the case for recognition’ – Dr Saad Shire, Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs.

2017 – ‘Zimbabwe: Will Mugabe & ZANU (PF) hold onto power in 2018?’ – Tendai Biti, a leading Zimbabwean opposition figure, a founder of the Movement for Democratic Change and Finance Minister in the Government of National Unity 2009-13; founder of the People’s Democratic Party.

2017 – ‘Poland and the United Kingdom: Post-Brexit Relations’ – H.E. Mr Arkady Józef Rzegocki, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland.

2017 – ‘Brexit & British-Irish Relations’ – Ambassador Dan Mulhall, Ambassador to the UK, Ambassador designate to the U.S.A. Held in the City of London, sponsored by Xchanging.

2017 – ‘The Kurdistan Independence Referendum’ – Karwan Jamal Tahir, High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government to the United Kingdom.

2017 – ‘Europe’s Forgotten War in Eastern Ukraine’ – Major-General Borys Kremenetskyi, Defence Attaché, Ukrainian Embassy.

2017 – ‘US Politics One Year On from the Presidential Election’ – The Honourable Sam Farr (D-CA) and The Honourable Dan Benishek (R-MI).

2017 – ‘Lithuania and the Defence of the Baltic States’ – H.E. Renatas Norkus, Ambassador of Lithuania to the United Kingdom.

Past Events 2016

2016 – ‘The European Union and the Referendum’ -Suzanne Evans – Deputy Chairman of the United Kingdom Independence Party and The Right Honourable Sir Nicholas Soames MP.

2016 – ‘The Future of Iraq and British policy in the Middle East’ – Mithal Al Alusi, Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation, former member of the Commission for De-Ba’athification, the Iraqi Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, & the Supreme Iraqi Reconciliation Commission.

2016 – ‘The Political and Military Significance of Gibraltar’ – Lieutenant General (Retd) Sir James Dutton KCB CBE, Governor and Commander-in-Chief Gibraltar 2013-15, Commandant General Royal Marines & Commander UK Amphibious Forces 2004-06, Deputy Commander ISAF (Afghanistan) 2008-09.

2016 – ‘Yemen: the war drags on – for what?’ – Dr Elisabeth Kendall, Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford; an expert on Yemen the Middle East, Arabic language and culture, and Al Qaeda.

2016 – ‘Islam in Britain’ – Innes Bowen, BBC, author of ‘Medina in Birmingham, Najaf in Brent – Inside British Islam’, & Aimen Dean, a former member of al-Qaeda, who changed sides and became a spy for Britain’s security & intelligence services spent years working in Afghanistan & London as one of the West’s most valuable assets in the fight against militant Islam.

2016 – ‘Pakistan, its Past, Present, and Future’ – Dr Faisal Devji, St Antony’s College Oxford, University Reader in Indian & Modern South Asian History.

2016 – US Politics: ‘Congress, the President, the Issues after Election Day’ – The Honourable Martin Frost, Democrat, Texas, and The Honourable Phil Gingrey, Republican, Georgia.

Past Events 2015

2015 – ‘High Command – British Military Leadership in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars’. Major-General Christopher Elliott, C.B., M.B.E.

2015 – ‘Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe’ – Edward Lucas and James Sherr.

2015 – ‘The future of the Euro and the prospects of ‘Brexit’ – Professor Patrick Minford. Held in the City of London, sponsored by Xchanging.

2015 – ‘The EU – Russia relationship with special reference to the security of the Baltic States’. The Former President of Lithuania, Professor Vytautas Landsbergis.

2015 – ‘South Sudan: ‘Oil and Blood’ – Civil War continues to undermine the new state’. James Copnall, BBC’s Sudan Correspondent, author of: ‘A Poisonous Thorn in Our Hearts – Sudan and South Sudan’s Bitter and Incomplete Divorce’, and: Alex Perry, correspondent, contributing editor at ‘Newsweek’ and author of: ‘The Rift – A New Africa Emerges’.

2015 – ‘Greece – the way forward?’ Prof. Kalypso Nicolaidis, Professor of International Relations, Oxford University; Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser, Chief Economic Adviser at the Centre for Economics & Business Research; Dr Othon Anastasakis, Director, S. E. European Studies, European Studies Centre, University of Oxford – Held in the City of London, sponsored by Xchanging.

2015 – ‘Kurdistan – Its fight against Daesh/ISIS, and its future’. Karwan Jamal Tahir – The Kurdistan Regional Government’s High Representative to the UK. Mithal Al Alusi – Founder, Democratic Nation Party of Iraq & Gary Kent – Director of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Kurdistan.

2015 – ‘Security and Secrecy, Privacy and Liberty Electronic Surveillance in the wake of the Anderson Report’ – Eric King, Deputy Director at Privacy International and Edward Lucas, Senior Editor at ‘The Economist’, an expert in Intelligence and Cyber-Security issues and author of: ‘The Snowden Operation – Inside the West’s Greatest Intelligence Disaster’.

2015 – ‘The EU and the Migration Crisis’ – The Hungarian Ambassador, H.E. Péter Szabadhegy.

2015 – ‘Congress, the President, the Issues one year from Election Day’ – The Honourable Tom Petri (Republican – Wisconsin) and The Honourable Jim Moran (Democrat – Virginia).

Past Events 2014

2014 – ‘US Politics after the Mid-Term Elections: Congress, the President, and the issues’ – The Honourable Mary Bono (Republican, CA) & The Right Honourable Brian Baird (Democrat, WA).

The Director between 2014 and July 2018 was Charles Bennett

Past Events 2013

2013 – ‘Politics in the USA: The campaigns, the elections, and the next US administration’ & ‘Politics in the USA: One year into the second Obama administration’ – Two meetings with The Association of Former Congressmen – at the Caledonian Club

2013 – ‘British Naval power in the future’ – Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope – at the Caledonian Club

Past Events 2012

2012 – ‘Iraq in Crisis’ – Mital Al-Alusi – at the Caledonian Club

2012 – After the Arab Spring – What Now?” – Sayyed Ayad Jamal Al-Din – at the House of Commons

2012 – ‘European and Global Recovery: What will it take?’ – Yanis Varoufakis and Marcus Miller – at the Caledonian Club