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Who we are

We are everybody! Since its registration as a Trust in 1954, the European Atlantic Group has welcomed, both as members and guests, people from all walks of life, all parts of the world, all political and no political persuasion, all ages, all genders and all creeds. Those who share an interest in broadening their knowledge of others and the issues of the day, learning from history, and discussing passionately but proportionately and respectfully those issues.


What we do

From small group meetings discussing topics intimately to major dinners with internationally known and respected speakers including royalty, world leaders, diplomats, politicians, business people, academics, military figures, faith leaders, media and intelligence and security people. We recognise that we are human beings which we wrongly shorten to humans ignoring the most important part of what we are, beings; with a need to be and be together. We meet, we share knowledge, we interact and enjoy ourselves while doing it!


Why we do it

Our object was, and remains, to promote closer relations between the European and Atlantic countries by providing a regular forum in the UK for discussion of their problems, economic, political and social, and how we co-operate on them all. In a world that is riven with sound bites we deal in fact, however unpleasant. We want to contribute ideas to help address the ever growing problems that the world faces on both the large and small stage. As the world gets smaller it becomes increasing important to understand the role of the European Atlantic axis in a fast changing scenario.