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The European Atlantic Group

An apolitical interest group originally registered in 1954 with Parliament

An apolitical interest group originally registered as a Trust in 1954 with Parliament, the EAG has always been fiercely proud of its reputation for robust and thought provoking debate. Unafraid to tackle global problems it still brings together members of the public and decision makers in a challenging and independent forum. It aims by educating to increase knowledge which in turn will lead to better informed decisions.

A Tribute to Her late Majesty

Our mission

Mission Statement from the Constitution of the European Atlantic Group Trust.

The European Atlantic Group (EAG) is one of the longest- running interest groups associated with Parliament. It was formed in 1954 to foster a geopolitical partnership between North America and Europe, and to consider related matters in all quarters of the globe.

The EAG is a registered charity dedicated to educating and informing the public, and is a community open to all who have an interest in international affairs. Its clear aim is to reach, interpret and develop an in-depth perspective on global issues.

The EAG offers experts, commentators; members of the public and those at the helm of affairs to discuss contentious topics in an independent, non-partisan forum; where differing opinions are welcomed, and practical solutions considered.

EAG meetings have been attended by royalty, former US presidents; UK ministers; captains of industry; leading diplomats and high ranking service officers.

New members are most welcome.