Speech by His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer

His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer Secretary General Of The Council of Europe On: The Council of Europe and the Way Forward 15 December 2003 “Less than a week ago, five of my staff and several members of the Parliamentary Assembly were staying at the Moscow hotel which was a target for suicide bombers. They were literallyContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer”

Speech by Lord Slynn of Hadley

Lord Slynn of Hadley Lord of Appeal in Ordinary On: Legal Aspects of the Draft EU Constitution 22 July 2003 “Your Excellencies, my lords, ladies, and gentlemen. I approach this moment with some trepidation since it is the first occasion on which I have acted as Chairman of the European Atlantic Group although there haveContinue reading “Speech by Lord Slynn of Hadley”