Speech by His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer

His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer Secretary General Of The Council of Europe On: The Council of Europe and the Way Forward 15 December 2003 “Less than a week ago, five of my staff and several members of the Parliamentary Assembly were staying at the Moscow hotel which was a target for suicide bombers. They were literallyContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer”

Speech by His Excellency Dr Stanisław Komorowski

His Excellency Dr Stanisław Komorowski Ambassador of Poland On: Poland in the enlarged European Union 16 December 2002 “Ladies and Gentlemen, First of all let me thank you very much for the opportunity to present the Polish vision of Europe and the Polish place in the enlarged European Union, in this very special moment inContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr Stanisław Komorowski”

Speech by General Joseph W. Ralston

General Joseph W. Ralston Supreme Allied Commander, Europe On: US-European Command Challenges 16 April 2002 “I would like to give you a quick summary of our area of responsibility; about what NATO is doing and what US-European command is doing.   This is a very busy alliance. I am not sure that all of us realise all ofContinue reading “Speech by General Joseph W. Ralston”

Speech by Lord Russell-Johnston

Lord Russell-Johnston The President of the Parliamentary Assembly On: The Future of the Council of Europe 19 July 2001 “From personal experience, I am very much opposed to after-dinner speeches.  I seem to recall that the great Greek orator, Demosthenes, had it written into his contract that he would not be required of any andContinue reading “Speech by Lord Russell-Johnston”

Speech by His Excellency Dr. Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz

His Excellency Dr. Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz On: Germany, Britain and Europe; what matters is the Future…. 27 June 2001 “I know that some of you have to get away very promptly so I think we had better begin before you’ve finished your pudding and had a look at your coffee cups. It gives me very greatContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr. Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz”

Speech by Rt. Hon. The Lord Owen CH

Rt. Hon. The Lord Owen CH On: The Foreign and Security Policy Implications of the Euro 22 November 2000  “There were three important tests by which the European Defence Initiative, launched by Prime Minister Tony Blair at an Anglo-French Summit at St Malo in December 1998, was always going to be judged. First and foremost, wouldContinue reading “Speech by Rt. Hon. The Lord Owen CH”

Speech by Sir Brian Unwin, KCB

Thursday, 23rd  March, 2000Speaker:   SIR BRIAN UNWIN, KCB                  → Hon. President, European Investment BankOn:  ‘A VIEW FROM THE HEART OF EUROPE:  SEVEN YEARS AT THE EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK’Chairman, House of Commons: FRANK COOK, Esq. and MPChairman,Dinner-Discussion:  THE EARL OF LIMERICK, KBESponsor: FRANK COOK, Esq., and MPLocation One: COMMITTEE ROOM 10, HOUSE OF COMMONS;Location Two: ST. ERMIN’SContinue reading “Speech by Sir Brian Unwin, KCB”