Speech by Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammed

Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammed former Prime Minister of Malaysia On: Malaysia in Asia 21 March 2011 “He is qualified with a first class medical degree and then entered into politics. The most important part of his life was the time he was Prime Minister of Malaysia, from 1981 to 2003. He, quite literally, transformed thatContinue reading “Speech by Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammed”

Introductory remarks by The Rt. Hon. Baroness Symons of Vernam Dean

The Rt. Hon. Baroness Symons of Vernam Dean On:  60th Anniversary NATO 9th November 2009 “Your Royal Highness, Your Excellencies, My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the European-Atlantic Group, may I begin by wishing you all a very warm welcome this evening, and saying how delighted we are that so many of you haveContinue reading “Introductory remarks by The Rt. Hon. Baroness Symons of Vernam Dean”

Speech by HRH The Duke of York

HRH The Duke of York On: 60th Anniversary NATO 9th November 2009 “Deja Vu!  I am sure I was here 10 years ago!  This is something that I had not previously considered as a Member of the Royal Family being asked to give a speech 10 years later to the same group; it’s rather like beingContinue reading “Speech by HRH The Duke of York”

Speech by Professor David Coleman

Professor David Coleman On: What Demographic Trends Portend 14 October, 2009 George Guise: ‘I’m very pleased indeed to see my old friend David Coleman, who worked in the government when I was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher in Number 10, and he was at both the Home Office and the Department of the Environment – notContinue reading “Speech by Professor David Coleman”

Speech by Lord Corbett of Castle Vale

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale On: Iran: Partner or Pariah in a Turbulent Region 7th July 2009 The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, CBE, CMG: “I am David Montgomery, former chairman and former president some years ago, and I have been recycled into this job tonight for various reasons, but I am recycled all the time, I amContinue reading “Speech by Lord Corbett of Castle Vale”

Speech by Dele Ogun

DELE OGUN On: Another Way for Nigeria Chairman/Sponsor of House of Commons: Geoffrey Clifton Brown, MP Vote of Thanks: Professore Alan Lee Williams, MBE Location: COMMITTEE ROOM 11, HOUSE OF COMMONS 18 May 2009 Q & A Q: “Nigeria is part of the commonwealth; it is a member of the African union; it supplies huge numbersContinue reading “Speech by Dele Ogun”

Speech by Hon Barbara Kennelly and Hon Sue Kelly

Hon Barbara Kennelly and Hon Sue Kelly On: America at Home and Abroad 5th November 2007 Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, CMG, CBE: “Thank you very much. We’re here tonight with the Association of Former Members of Congress and also we have the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library, Professor Davies is going to beContinue reading “Speech by Hon Barbara Kennelly and Hon Sue Kelly”

Speech by Her Excellency Gabriele Matner-Holzer

Her Excellency Gabriele Matner-Holzer On: Looking back, around and ahead from the Centre of Europe May 21, 2007 “Central Europe is, of course, not just a geographic term, but also has political, historical, economic and cultural connotations. There are a number of countries who claim to harbour the centre of Europe, including Austria which considersContinue reading “Speech by Her Excellency Gabriele Matner-Holzer”

Speech by H. E. Mr Yury Viktorovich Fedotov

His Excellency Mr Yury Viktorovich Fedotov The Russian Ambassador On: The G-8 Summit and the Russian Presidency 21 September 2006 “It continues to be a special year as Russia for the first time assumes the presidency of the G8. Although this is a privilege and a great honour, it is also a challenge. People inContinue reading “Speech by H. E. Mr Yury Viktorovich Fedotov”

Speech by The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom Rifkind, KCMG QC

The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom Rifkind, KCMG QC On: When Bush comes to shove; the Second Term 1st December 2004 “The Community is in great flux. Since the Stuttgart summit of last June we have had negotiations proceeding through the Athens summit, through the Brussels summit and which seem likely to continue to the summit atContinue reading “Speech by The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom Rifkind, KCMG QC”

Speech by Gisela Stuart MP

Gisela Stuart MP On: EU–US Impact of the new Constitution 13 July 2004 “Thank you for inviting me to speak to your group tonight. The topic of the evening is “the impact of the EU constitution on our relationship with the US”. The title, which I admit I chose myself, sounded deceptively straight forward until I sat downContinue reading “Speech by Gisela Stuart MP”

Speech by Admiral The Lord Boyce GCB, OBE, DL

Admiral The Lord Boyce GCB, OBE, DL On: The Challenges Facing UK Armed Forces 14 April 2004 Introduction “Honour to have been asked to dine with this illustrious Group; and speaking on behalf of myself and my fellow guests, May I thank you for your very fine hospitality. VMT introduction.  It was indeed a privilegeContinue reading “Speech by Admiral The Lord Boyce GCB, OBE, DL”

Speech by His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer

His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer Secretary General Of The Council of Europe On: The Council of Europe and the Way Forward 15 December 2003 “Less than a week ago, five of my staff and several members of the Parliamentary Assembly were staying at the Moscow hotel which was a target for suicide bombers. They were literallyContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer”

Speech by Lord Slynn of Hadley

Lord Slynn of Hadley Lord of Appeal in Ordinary On: Legal Aspects of the Draft EU Constitution 22 July 2003 “Your Excellencies, my lords, ladies, and gentlemen. I approach this moment with some trepidation since it is the first occasion on which I have acted as Chairman of the European Atlantic Group although there haveContinue reading “Speech by Lord Slynn of Hadley”

Speech by His Excellency Dr Stanisław Komorowski

His Excellency Dr Stanisław Komorowski Ambassador of Poland On: Poland in the enlarged European Union 16 December 2002 “Ladies and Gentlemen, First of all let me thank you very much for the opportunity to present the Polish vision of Europe and the Polish place in the enlarged European Union, in this very special moment inContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr Stanisław Komorowski”

Speech by The Rt. Hon. Peter Hain, MP

The Rt. Hon. Peter Hain, MP Labour Minister On: The European Reaction to Terrorism 12 December 2001 “Osama bin Laden could never have calculated that the events of 11 September would unite the whole world in horror and bring together an unprecedented international coalition against terror. New prominence has been given to the role ofContinue reading “Speech by The Rt. Hon. Peter Hain, MP”

Speech by The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen

The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen Secretary General of NATO On: NATO: Shaping Security in the 21st Century 23 March 2001 “Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a pleasure to be here with you this evening. Indeed, as Secretary General of NATO, I could hardly feel more at home than at a meeting of the European-Continue reading “Speech by The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen”

Speech by Sir Brian Unwin, KCB

Thursday, 23rd  March, 2000Speaker:   SIR BRIAN UNWIN, KCB                  → Hon. President, European Investment BankOn:  ‘A VIEW FROM THE HEART OF EUROPE:  SEVEN YEARS AT THE EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK’Chairman, House of Commons: FRANK COOK, Esq. and MPChairman,Dinner-Discussion:  THE EARL OF LIMERICK, KBESponsor: FRANK COOK, Esq., and MPLocation One: COMMITTEE ROOM 10, HOUSE OF COMMONS;Location Two: ST. ERMIN’SContinue reading “Speech by Sir Brian Unwin, KCB”

Foreign Policy

Tuesday, 29th  February, 2000Speaker:   THE   RT.  HON. MENZIES CAMPBELL, CBE, QC, MP                   → Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Defense and EuropeOn: ‘FOREIGN POLICY’Chairman:  THE LORD JUDD OF PORTSEAOpening Discussion: SIR TIMOTHY GARDEN, KCBVote Of Thanks: THE RT. THE EARL OF LIMERICK KBELocation: ST ERMIN’S HOTELGuest List Available

Speech by His Excellency Mr. Pertti Salolainen

His Excellency Mr. Pertti Salolainen The Ambassador of FinlandOn:  The Results of the Finnish Presidency of the E. U 31  January 2000 Introduction “During its first Presidency of the European Union (1 July – 31 December 1999) Finland presided over the Union very successfully. Finland promoted the Union’s operations in an active and impartial manner, emphasisingContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Mr. Pertti Salolainen”

Speech by The Hon. David Gore-Booth, CMG

The Hon. David Gore-Booth, CMG High Commissioner in India On: The Middle East 25 October 1999 “I am astonished to discover 233 of you here this evening.  Even the European-Atlantic Group which arranges most things very carefully will not, I think, have arranged 233 because the JP233 is the bomb we are dropping on Iraq’s airfields. Continue reading “Speech by The Hon. David Gore-Booth, CMG”

Speech by Monsieur Jacques Attali

Monsieur Jacques Attali President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development On:  A CONTINENTAL COMMON MARKET Delivered to the European-Atlantic Group on May 12th 1992 A CONTINENTAL COMMON MARKET by Monsieur Jacques Attali, President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development May 12th. 1992 In taking over the Presidency of the European Community in July, the UnitedContinue reading “Speech by Monsieur Jacques Attali”