Speech by Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon On: Financial Crisis 2nd July 2008 Introduction: “Hugo Dixon is here tonight as our distinguished guest and we welcome him. He’s much more equipped to talk about these complicated studies tonight and which to give him a warm welcome please and listen to his very wise words.” Applause! Hugo Dixon: “Thank you very muchContinue reading “Speech by Hugo Dixon”

Speech by His Excellency Mr. Ma Zhengang

His Excellency Mr. Ma Zhengang Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China On: China and the West 18 October 2001 “It is a really great honor for me to be speaking to the European Atlantic Group today.  After taking the kind advice of Mrs. Dangerfield, I changed the name of my talk.  To be frank, I felt a bitContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Mr. Ma Zhengang”