Speech by Paramount Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai

Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai Tribal Leader, Afghanistan On: Afghanistan – A Viable Alternative Approach April 2nd 2008 John Pugh MP (introducing Chief Khan and David Simpson) “…David Simpson has been in Afghanistan for many years and has shown me photographs of some of the inaugurations of the Taliban movement. We discussed Afghanistan because his feelings aboutContinue reading “Speech by Paramount Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai”

Speech by Major General Patrick Cordingley, DSO DSC FRGS

Major General Patrick Cordingley, DSO DSC FRGS Land Commander in the Gulf War On: Afghanistan; The Use of Force 23rd February 2007 Prof. Alan Lee Williams:  “Your Excellencies, Ladies, and Gentleman, since we have today such a fascinating speaker, I want to make as room as possible for questions.  So we are starting the proceedings beforeContinue reading “Speech by Major General Patrick Cordingley, DSO DSC FRGS”

Speech by General Sir Jack Deverell KCB OBE

General Sir Jack Deverell KCB OBE Commander in Chief, Allied Forces North 2001-2004 On: New Conceptual Thinking Required for the Armed Forces 21 May 2004 1.        “Thank you for inviting me.  It is a great privilege to be able to speak to such an audience at a time when the efficacy, utility and the morality ofContinue reading “Speech by General Sir Jack Deverell KCB OBE”