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ANYOKU, Emeka. Commonwealth Secretary-General

ATTALI, Jacques. President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

BAGGETT, Lee. Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic

BALANZINO, Silvio. Deputy Secretary-General of NATO

BERNARD, Daniel. The French Ambassador

BESSBOROUGH, The Earl of. Former Vice-President of the European Parliament &

BESSBOROUGH, The Earl of. President of The E-AG


BLAKER, Sir Peter, Minister of State, Minister of Defence

BO, Aung Din. Chairman, Parliamentary Democracy Party, Burma

BO, Aung Din

BOYCE, Admiral Lord. Chief of the Defence Staff

BRAMALL, Field Marshal Lord, Chief of the Defence Staff

BRITTAN, Sir Leon, Vice President, Commission of European Communites

BUCKLEY, James, President, Radio Free Europe

BURGER, William, European Economic Editor, Newsweek

BURTON, Sir Michael, High Court Judge

BUSEK, Dr Erhard, Vice-Chancellor of Austria

CAMPORA, Mario, Ambassador of Argentina

CARRINGTON, Lord, Secretary-General of NATO &

CARRINGTON, Lord, Vice President, European-Atlantic Group

CARTLEDGE, Bryan, Former British Ambassador to the U.S.S.R.

CARUANA, Peter, Chief Minister of Gibraltar

CATTO, Henry, U.S. Ambassador to London

CHALFONT, Lord, Defence Minister &

CHALFONT, Lord, Chairman, Radio Authority &

CHALFONT, Lord, President of the European-Atlantic Group

CHALKER, Baroness, Minister for Overseas Development &

CHALKER, Baroness, Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

CHARTRES, Rt Rev Richard, Lord Bishop of London

COLEMAN, Professor David

CORBETT, Lord, Sociologist and Former Director, LSE

CORDINGLEY, Maj Gen Sir Patrick, Land Commander in the Gulf War

CORDOVEZ, Diego, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General

COX, Christopher, Chairman, House Policy Committee, US Congress

CRAIGIEBANK, General The Lord Guthrie of,

CROWE, William, The American Ambassador

DAHRENDORF, Lord, European Commissioner for Trade

DE CUELLAR, His Excellency Peres, Former UN Secretary-General

DE LA MORENA, Filipe, The Spanish Ambassador

DEVERELL, General Sir Jack, Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces North

DIXON, Hugo,

DORIN, Bernard, The French Ambassador

DOWNEY, Hon. Thomas, & Hon. Lou FREY, Former Congressmen

DURR, His Excellency Noel, Irish Ambassador

DUNCAN SMITH, Ian, Leader, Conservative Party

DUNKEL, His Excellency Arthur, Director-General of GATT

DUNN, Rt Hon Baroness, Formerly Executive Council, Hong Kong

DURR, His Excellency Ken, South African Ambassador

EDINBURGH, HRH the Duke of

EDNEY, Leon, Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic

FARISH, His Excellency William, U. S. Ambassador to London

FEDOTOV, His Excellency Yuri, The Russian Ambassador

FOKINE, His Excellency Yuri, The Russian Ambassador

FOOT, Rt. Hon Michael, Labour Party leader

FREEDMAN, Prof Sir Lawrence, Professor of War Studies, Kings College. London

FREY, Hon Lou & Downey Hon Thomas, Former Congressmen

FRITH CM QC, Hon Royce, High Commissioner for Canada

GALVIN, General John, Supreme Allied Commander Europe

GENT, Sir Chris, Chief Executive, Vodaphone

GIDDENS, Lord, Former Director, LSE

GOODALL, Sir David, Formerly High Commissioner to India

GORE-BOOTH, Sir David, High Commissioner in India

GREEN MEP, Pauline, Leader of the Party of European Socialists

GUTH, Wilfried, Chairman, Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank

GUTHRIE, General Sir Charles, Chief of the Defence Staff


GYLLENHAMMAR, Dr Pehr, Swedish Diplomat and Financier

HABSBURG, Dr Otto von, Bavarian Member of the European Parliament

HAIN MP, Rt Hon Peter, Labour Minister


HINTEREGGER, Dr Gerald, Economic Secretary UN Economic Commission for Europe

HOGG, Sarah, Economics Editor, The Times

HOLDSWORTH, Sir Trevor, President, Confederation of British Industry

HOON, Rt. Hon Geoff, Secretary of State for Defence

HOOPER CMG, Baroness, Under-Secretary of State, Department of Education and Science

HUNTER, Robert, U.S. Permanent Representative on the North Atlantic Council

HURD, Rt. Hon Douglas, Secretary of State

HUSSEIN, HM King, The King of Jordan

IRVINE, Rt. Hon Lord, The Lord Chancellor

ISSING, Prof. Otmar, Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB)

IVIMY, Lucy, Equity Analyst and former Barrister

JACKSON, General Sir Mike, Chief of the General Staff of the British Army

JI, H.E. Chaozhu, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China

JUDD OF PORTSEA, Lord, Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

KARASIN, H.E. Grigory, Ambassador of the Russian Federation

KAUNDA, His Excellency Dr Kennith, Former President of Zambia

KEEBLE, Sir Curtis, Reviewer of Book by Sir Frank Roberts

KELLY, Hon Sue & Kenelly, Hon Barbara, Former Congresswomen

KENDALL QPM, Raymond, Secretary-General, ICPO-Interpol

KEYWORTH, Dr George, Science Adviser to President Reagan

KHAN, Chief Ajmal, Tribal Elder, Afghanistan

KINNOCK, Rt Hon Neil, President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

KLOSE, Dr Kevin, President, Radio Free Europe

KOLLER, Prof Arnold, Former President of Switzerland

KOMOROWSKI, HE Stanisław, Ambassador of Poland

LANDSBERGIS, Vytautas, President of the Lithuanian Parliament and Former President of Lithuania

LEE WILLIAMS OBE, Prof Alan, Vice President of the European-Atlantic Group

LISTOWEL, Countess of, Reviewer of ‘The Evil Empire’

LLOYD, John, Director of Journalism, the Reuters Institute

MA, H.E. Zhengang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China

MACKINNON, Rt. Hon  Donald, Commonwealth Secretary General

MACLAREN, Hon. Roy, Canadian Minister for International Trade


MARSHALL of Goring, Lord, Chairman, Central Electricity Generating Board

MATNER-HOLZER, Her Excellency Gabriele

MAUDE, Rt. Hon. Francis, Shadow Foreign Secretary

MAXWELL MC, Robert, Media Proprietor, Former Member of Parliament

MAYHEW QC MP, Sir Patrick, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

MIDDENDORF, William, The American Ambassador

MOBERLY KBE CMG, Sir John, Former British Ambassador to Iraq

MOKADEM, Ahmed El, Lecturer, Author, Activist

MOLTKE, His Excellency Gebhard von, The German Ambassador

MONMOUTH, Baroness Park of

MORGAN, P.W.L., Director General, Institute of Directors

MORRIS, Sir Richard, Chairman, UK Nyrex Ltd

NYERERE, Hon Julius, Former President of Tanzania

OESTERHELT, HE Dr Jurgen, The German Ambassador in London

OGATA, Sedako, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

OGUN, Dele, Author, Lawyer, Politician

ONYSZKIEWICZ, Janusz, Minister for National Defence, Poland

OSWALD KCB, Admiral Sir Julian, Commander-in-Chief, British Navy

OWEN CH, Rt. Hon David, Co-Founder, Social Democratic Party; former Foreign Secretary

PAGAC, Dr Karl, Vice President, Les Europèeans en France

PANKIN, His Excellency Boris, Former Russian Ambassador in London

PARK of Monmouth, Baroness, Former Commissioner; Principal, Somerville College, Oxford

PARSONS, Sir Anthony, Former U.K. Ambassador to U.N. and Iran

PERES MK, Shimon, Former Prime Minister of Israel

PLOETZ, His Excellency Dr. Hans Friedrich von,

PRENDERGAST, Sir Kieran, Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, United Nations

PRICE, Hon Charles, U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St James’s

RALSTON, General Joseph W. Supreme Allied Commander, Europe

RENWICK KCMG, His Excellency Sir Robin, British Ambassador to Washington

RICHARD QC, Rt. Hon Lord, Opposition Leader, House of Lords

RICHARDS KBE CBE DSO, General  Sir David, Commander-in-Chief, Land Forces

RICHTHOFEN, Baron von, The German Ambassador

RIFKIND KCMG QC, The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom

RIKANOVIC, His Excellency Svetozar, Former Yugoslav Ambassador in London

RIPPON, Rt. Hon Lord, Lord President of the Council of Europe

ROBERTS GCMG GCVO, Sir Frank, President of E-AG; Former Ambassador

ROBERTSON OF PORT ELLEN, Lord, Secretary-General of NATO

ROBSON, Christopher, Review Editor, E-AG Journal

ROSE, General Sir  Michael, former Commander of the Bosnia area

RUNCIE, Rt. Rev Lord, Archbishop of Canterbury

RUSSELL-JOHNSTON, Lord, President of the Parliamentary Assembly

SAHLGREN, Klaus, Executive Secretary, U N Economic Commission for Europe

SALOLAINEN, His Excellency Mr Pertti, The Ambassador of Finland

SANBERK, His Excellency Özdem, The Ambassador of Turkey

SCHWIMMER, His Excellency Dr. Walter, Secretary-General of the Council of Europe

SCRIVEN, Richard, Chancellor for the Corporation of London

SEGELL, Dr Glen, Author on European and Intellgence issues

SHAKER Dr Mohammed, The Ambassador of Egypt

SHOCK, Sir Maurice, Author; Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford

SLYNN OF HADLEY, Lord, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary

STANHOPE OBE, Sir Mark, Commander-in-Chief, Fleet

STUART, Gisela, MP

SUZMAN DBE, Hon Helen, Anti-apartheid activist and politician

SWAELEN, Frank, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly


TANNOCK, Dr. Charles, MEP

TATHAM CMG, David, Governor of the Falkland Islands

THOMSON, Rt Hon Lord, Chairman of the Independent Broadcasting Authority

TONKIN, Derek, HM Ambassador to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam

TURBI, Omar, Libyan Activist

TUSA, John, Managing Director, World Service, BBC

TUTTLE, Robert, His Excellency Mr.

Unwin, Peter, President, E.B.R.D.

VAROUFAKIS, Yanis, Professor of Economics, Athens University

VAN EEKELEN. Dr  W. , Secretary-General of the W.E.U.

WALDEGRAVE MP, Hon William, Minister of State for the Environment

WALL KCMG, Sir Stephen, Minister of State for the Environment

WEST, Chris, Director UK Climate Impacts Programme

WHITELAW, Viscount William, Lord President of the Council

WHITTY, Lord, Minister for the UK Presidency of the E.U.

WOLTZ, Alan, London International Group

WORCHESTER, Prof Sir Robert, Chairman, MORI

WORNER, Manfred, Secretary-General, NATO

YAMAZAKI, His Excellency Toshio

YORK, HRH The Duke of

ZEMYATIN, His Excellency Leonid, U.S.S.R. Ambassador in London