Mission Statement

Mission Statement from the Constitution of the European Atlantic Group Trust.

The European-Atlantic Group (The E-AG) is one of the longest running Interest Groups associated with Parliament. It was formed in 1954 to consider international relations of the Americas and Europe and related matters arising in any quarter of the globe. The mission of The E-AG is to shed new light on these topics in an independent, non-party political setting and ventilate them in a high level and challenging forum where differing opinions are heard out with respect. Experts and commentators and members of the public discuss with those at the helm of affairs how best to resolve issues of contention. Speakers are invited to advocate practical solutions. its ability has evolved to reach, interpret and develop an in-depth perspective on global issues.

The E-AG is a registered charity dedicated to educating and informing the public.

It is a community open to all with an interest in international affairs.

Debate-discussions have been patronised by Royalty, former Presidents, Ministers, Captains of Industry, leading Diplomats and high ranking Service officers.

The Palace of Westminster is the long-established venue of the E-AG for meetings.

What people say…

‘(We) were very pleased (at) such a high level audience and we were most impressed with the depth of understanding and the level of questioning.’

Tom Curtin, Head of Corporate Communications at UK Nirex – responsible for the safe disposal of radioactive nuclear waste – on Sir Richard Morris’ presentation to the E-AG

‘The European-Atlantic Group is already well-known in most capitals of Western Europe as well as across the Atlantic.’

The Earl of Bessborough. 1959

‘I have been regularly attending…the E-AG.  I am well acquainted with the high standards both of the speakers and of the audience…’ 

The Argentine Ambassador, H.E. Dr Mario Campora

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