Future Events

The European Atlantic Group has been disrupted in the same way as everyone else in the Covid pandemic, but it has used the time well to create a new programme going forward that is relevant to 2021 and beyond. As we move forward under the stewardship of the new Director General David Selves the Group will build on its tradition of high profile dinners with major guest speakers. The enforced break has created an opportunity after 67 years for a reset and rethink the purpose of the Group and how it can best contribute to the political debate and issues of 2021 and for future decades. The Constitution says, “To increase knowledge of international issues and organisations, in particular by arranging regular meetings where members may discuss the developments of the European and Atlantic Communities and their relations with the rest of the world.”

So in addition to the traditional, large, dinners the Group is setting up a number of Think Tanks details of which will be posted here as they are announced and they are open to all paid up members. (Membership information available here). These Think Tanks will look to publish papers giving balanced political views on their subject and will meet, where, when in the format that the Chairman and members consider most appropriate. Whilst inevitably in the modern world there will be an element of networking the prime purpose of these groups is to stimulate thinking and ideas. The dinners are for networking and listening to major speakers.

 All events are operated and managed by the European Atlantic Group Limited. The name “European Atlantic Group” is under licence from the European-Atlantic Group Trust.