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25th October 2023 – RT HON TOBIAS ELLWOOD, MP

Our last guest of 2023 was Tobias Ellwood who spoke off the record under the Chatham House rule so the video only shows David’s introduction and Justin Glass, Chairman of the Trustees giving the vote of thanks. Tobias spoke with clarity across the major world problems of the day from 9/11 to Israel and Hamas referencing history as far back as the 30 Year War which ended with the

Peace of Westphalia in 1648 and created the template of the victor writing the rules of peace until the major conflict. He spoke of the need for staying power when the free world stood up to terrorism and tyrant aggression and for the need for more of a chess approach looking as far as ten moves or more forward. The discussion took place against the backdrop of the fallout fromAntónio Guterres’ comments and the questions from the floor reflected differing views on what he said.