4. The European-Atlantic Group Journals

European-Atlantic Review, New European, European-Atlantic Journal, Politics Tomorrow


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In the early days of the Group its Journal, European-Atlantic Review, covered the gamut of taxing international issues, including accounts of a few debates at E-AG meetings. Later, the European-Atlantic Journal was devoted mainly to transcripts of speeches at E-AG events – much may have been lost to posterity due to the ensuing debates being off-the-record. It also carried reviews of books by illustrious E-AG members on the hot topics of the day.  Both trends finally flowered in the journal of the E-AG, Politics Tomorrow, which was almost exclusively on subjects debated at the Group inclusive of transcripts, together with articles of more general political and international interest written by informed members and specialists. 

The Group entered into a partnership in 2005 with the publishers of New European, which was subtitled anew as ‘The Journal of the European-Atlantic Group’.  Mr Glass became a co-Director with John Coleman, an Oxford-educated publisher of the ‘old school’.  His meetings, despite his commercial bent, were flavoured with intellectual curiosity. Augustus Caesar’s thinking often seemed to cast light on issues scrutinised by the E-AG.  A reverence for the traditional segued into the Review section policy: authors garnered a spurious authority through their own summaries being printed as ‘reviews’.  After all, E-AG journals had always boasted a Review Section…

John Coleman

The following gives samples of covers and editorials of the E-AG Journals. Please note that:.

 (a) The poems by Dennis Bardens and Lord Limerick mentioned previously as being in ‘Politics Tomorrow’ are reproduced below.  

(b) the ‘E-AG Journal’ had no bespoke editorial aside from the Group Aims.

(c) the ‘European Atlantic Review’ is discussed in the ‘E-AG Foundation’ section. 

The Section on Speeches and Articles contains speeches printed in the European-Atlantic Journal as well as the following book reviews.


The Earl of Bessborough DL on ‘Europe: A History of its Peoples.‘, by Jean-Baptise Duroselle

The Earl of Bessborough DL on ‘Macmillian: 1957-1986 (Vol. 2)’by Alistair Horne

The Rt. Hon. Lord Chalfont, OBE, MC, PC on ‘Out of Step’, by Michael Carver

The Rt. Hon. Lord Chalfont, OBE, MC, PC on ‘In Search of Churchill’, by Martin Gilbert

The Rt. Hon. Lord Chalfont, OBE, MC, PC 0n ‘Albania’s National Liberartion Struggle: The Bitter Victory’by Reginald Hibbert

The Lord Dahrendorf KBE FBA on Jean Monnet: First Statesman of Interdependence’. by François Duchȇne

Michael R. D. Foot on ‘The Lonely Leader’, by Alistair Horne and David Montgomery

Sir Curtis Keeble GCMG  on ‘Dealing with Dictators‘, by Sir Frank Roberts GCMG GCVO

Judith, Countess of Listowel on ‘The Evil Empire‘, by Count de Marenches

Sir Frank Roberts GCMG GCVO on Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives‘, by Alan Bullock

Sir Frank Roberts GCMG GCVO on ‘The Western European Union and NATO‘ by Alfred Cahen

Sir Frank Roberts GCMG GCVO on Voice in the Wilderness: Imre Nagy and the Hungarian Revolution‘, by Peter Unwin

Christopher Robson on ‘Churchill a Life‘, by Martin Gilbert

Christopher Robson on The Challenge of Europe – Can Britain Win‘, by Michael Heseltine

Christopher Robson,
Review Editor,
European-Atlantic Journal


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