Introductory remarks by The Rt. Hon. Baroness Symons of Vernam Dean

The Rt. Hon. Baroness Symons of Vernam Dean On:  60th Anniversary NATO 9th November 2009 “Your Royal Highness, Your Excellencies, My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the European-Atlantic Group, may I begin by wishing you all a very warm welcome this evening, and saying how delighted we are that so many of you haveContinue reading “Introductory remarks by The Rt. Hon. Baroness Symons of Vernam Dean”

Speech by Paramount Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai

Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai Tribal Leader, Afghanistan On: Afghanistan – A Viable Alternative Approach April 2nd 2008 John Pugh MP (introducing Chief Khan and David Simpson) “…David Simpson has been in Afghanistan for many years and has shown me photographs of some of the inaugurations of the Taliban movement. We discussed Afghanistan because his feelings aboutContinue reading “Speech by Paramount Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai”

Speech by General Sir Michael Jackson

General Sir Michael ‘Mike’ Jackson, GCB CBE DSO ADC Chief of the General Staff of the British Army On: A General’s reflection 26th February 2008 “Ladies and Gentlemen, my lords, barons, ladies and gentlemen, diplomats are here as well. It’s such a pleasure to see you all on this very grand occasion in this delightful setting.Continue reading “Speech by General Sir Michael Jackson”

Speech by Hon Barbara Kennelly and Hon Sue Kelly

Hon Barbara Kennelly and Hon Sue Kelly On: America at Home and Abroad 5th November 2007 Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, CMG, CBE: “Thank you very much. We’re here tonight with the Association of Former Members of Congress and also we have the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library, Professor Davies is going to beContinue reading “Speech by Hon Barbara Kennelly and Hon Sue Kelly”

Speech by Her Excellency Gabriele Matner-Holzer

Her Excellency Gabriele Matner-Holzer On: Looking back, around and ahead from the Centre of Europe May 21, 2007 “Central Europe is, of course, not just a geographic term, but also has political, historical, economic and cultural connotations. There are a number of countries who claim to harbour the centre of Europe, including Austria which considersContinue reading “Speech by Her Excellency Gabriele Matner-Holzer”

Speech by Sir Christopher Gent

Sir Christopher Gent Chief Executive, Vodaphone On: US/European Relations from a Governance & Globalisation point of view 8th March 2007 “Much has changed for me since those early days (when Sir Christopher first knew Lord Dykes) particularly in my business life and I hope that gives me some authority to speak on the matters tonight.  I have beenContinue reading “Speech by Sir Christopher Gent”

Speech by Major General Patrick Cordingley, DSO DSC FRGS

Major General Patrick Cordingley, DSO DSC FRGS Land Commander in the Gulf War On: Afghanistan; The Use of Force 23rd February 2007 Prof. Alan Lee Williams:  “Your Excellencies, Ladies, and Gentleman, since we have today such a fascinating speaker, I want to make as room as possible for questions.  So we are starting the proceedings beforeContinue reading “Speech by Major General Patrick Cordingley, DSO DSC FRGS”

Speech by His Excellency Mr. Robert Tuttle

His Excellency Mr. Robert Tuttle On: America’s New Perspective 01 February 2007 “The last quarter of the 20th Century produced the greatest expansion of democracy in history. If democracy is defined as a system of government in which the principal positions of political power are filled through free, fair and regular elections. Since 1974, the numberContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Mr. Robert Tuttle”

Speech by Baroness Park of Monmouth CMG, OBE

Baroness Park of Monmouth CMG, OBE On: Zimbabwe: The Future 29 November 2006 “Many might query my title, Zimbabwe: the Future, and until recently I should have felt hard put to justify that title. Zimbabwe was, until six years ago, one of the most prosperous African countries, the breadbasket of Southern Africa, and enjoyed aContinue reading “Speech by Baroness Park of Monmouth CMG, OBE”

Speech by Former Congressman Thomas J. Downey and Former Congressman Lou Frey, JR.

Former Congressman Thomas J. Downey (Democratic Party) and Former Congressman Lou Frey, JR. (Republican) On: America After The Mid-Term Elections? 14 November 2006 Part one: Geoffrey Clifton Brown, MP: “We are very lucky to have both Lou Frey and Tom Downey here. Lou was Chairman and is now on the Executive Committee of the AssociationContinue reading “Speech by Former Congressman Thomas J. Downey and Former Congressman Lou Frey, JR.”

Speech by The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom Rifkind, KCMG QC

The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom Rifkind, KCMG QC On: When Bush comes to shove; the Second Term 1st December 2004 “The Community is in great flux. Since the Stuttgart summit of last June we have had negotiations proceeding through the Athens summit, through the Brussels summit and which seem likely to continue to the summit atContinue reading “Speech by The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom Rifkind, KCMG QC”

Speech by His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer

His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer Secretary General Of The Council of Europe On: The Council of Europe and the Way Forward 15 December 2003 “Less than a week ago, five of my staff and several members of the Parliamentary Assembly were staying at the Moscow hotel which was a target for suicide bombers. They were literallyContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr. Walter Schwimmer”

Speech by Admiral Sir Julian Oswald, KCB

Admiral Sir Julian Oswald, KCB Commander-in-Chief, British Navy On: The Channel Command Atlantic Hinge Point 12 February 2003 (From an Address by Admiral Oswald to the European Atlantic Group in his NATO capacities as Allied Commander-in-Chief Channel and Commander-in-Chief Eastern Atlantic.  He was not speaking in his national capacity as Commander-in-Chief Fleet, and the views expressedContinue reading “Speech by Admiral Sir Julian Oswald, KCB”

Speech by His Excellency Dr Stanisław Komorowski

His Excellency Dr Stanisław Komorowski Ambassador of Poland On: Poland in the enlarged European Union 16 December 2002 “Ladies and Gentlemen, First of all let me thank you very much for the opportunity to present the Polish vision of Europe and the Polish place in the enlarged European Union, in this very special moment inContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr Stanisław Komorowski”

Speech by His Excellency Monsieur Daniel Bernard CMG, CBE

His Excellency Monsieur Daniel Bernard CMG, CBE The French Ambassador On: France and the UK in the European-Atlantic Context 17 June 2002 “We run two risks when we talk about Euro-Atlantic relations: that of wallowing in platitudes, or luxuriating in grandiloquence. I am not sure I am going to succeed in avoiding either, but IContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Monsieur Daniel Bernard CMG, CBE”

Speech by Sir David Goodall, GCMG

Sir David Goodall, GCMG Formerly High Commissioner to India On: India and Pakistan:  Flashpoint Kashmir 25 March 2002 “At the end of John Keay’s recent History of India, he concludes that the integrity of the Indian Republic now looks reasonably secure. But he adds one qualification: “So long as Pakistan continues to dispute the status of Jammu andContinue reading “Speech by Sir David Goodall, GCMG”

Speech by Rt. Hon. Neil Kinnock

Rt. Hon. Neil Kinnock President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development On: The Euro in Relation to the European Movement 18 February 2002 “Thank you my Lord (Lord Judd) for that lovely introduction.  It was so nice; I thought for a moment that I was dead. Not to be reading such praise in an obituary is especially pleasurable.  (laughter).Continue reading “Speech by Rt. Hon. Neil Kinnock”

Speech by General The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, GCB, LVO, OBE

General The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, GCB, LVO, OBE On: Defence and Security: The Future Threat  17 January 2002 “You’re Excellencies, my Lords, and gentlemen.  Thank you so much for your invitation; thank you very much for your introduction although it wasn’t completely accurate.  I’m not an official advisor to the Prime Minister, and I hadContinue reading “Speech by General The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, GCB, LVO, OBE”

Speech by Professor Lawrence Freedman CBE

Professor Lawrence Freedman CBE Professor of War Studies, Kings College. London On: International Terrorism 22 November 2001 The following speech was transcribed verbatim, with minor abridgements.  ** “I have been given a rather broad topic for tonight:  international terrorism.  Rather than just try and offer some detailed commentary on what is going on at the moment andContinue reading “Speech by Professor Lawrence Freedman CBE”

Speech by His Excellency Dr. Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz

His Excellency Dr. Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz On: Germany, Britain and Europe; what matters is the Future…. 27 June 2001 “I know that some of you have to get away very promptly so I think we had better begin before you’ve finished your pudding and had a look at your coffee cups. It gives me very greatContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr. Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz”

Speech by The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen

The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen Secretary General of NATO On: NATO: Shaping Security in the 21st Century 23 March 2001 “Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a pleasure to be here with you this evening. Indeed, as Secretary General of NATO, I could hardly feel more at home than at a meeting of the European-Continue reading “Speech by The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen”

Speech by General Sir Michael Rose

General Sir Michael Rose The former Commander of Bosnia On: General Writes Own Statement for Peace 20 December 2000  General Sir Michael Rose, and the role of peacekeeping in the Balkans. United Nations officials told General Sir Michael Rose during the Bosnian crisis in the early 1990s to “just do something.” The former UN peacekeeping forceContinue reading “Speech by General Sir Michael Rose”

Speech by The Rt. Hon. Francis Maude, MP

The Rt. Hon. Francis Maude, MP Shadow Foreign Secretary On: Current Foreign Policy Issues 30th October 2000  Introduction “It is a notable achievement that this Group is approaching its fiftieth anniversary. Within that time similar organisations have appeared and disappeared, so it has been a pleasure this evening to see, in such a large attendance,Continue reading “Speech by The Rt. Hon. Francis Maude, MP”

Speech by Sir Brian Unwin, KCB

Thursday, 23rd  March, 2000Speaker:   SIR BRIAN UNWIN, KCB                  → Hon. President, European Investment BankOn:  ‘A VIEW FROM THE HEART OF EUROPE:  SEVEN YEARS AT THE EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK’Chairman, House of Commons: FRANK COOK, Esq. and MPChairman,Dinner-Discussion:  THE EARL OF LIMERICK, KBESponsor: FRANK COOK, Esq., and MPLocation One: COMMITTEE ROOM 10, HOUSE OF COMMONS;Location Two: ST. ERMIN’SContinue reading “Speech by Sir Brian Unwin, KCB”

Foreign Policy

Tuesday, 29th  February, 2000Speaker:   THE   RT.  HON. MENZIES CAMPBELL, CBE, QC, MP                   → Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Defense and EuropeOn: ‘FOREIGN POLICY’Chairman:  THE LORD JUDD OF PORTSEAOpening Discussion: SIR TIMOTHY GARDEN, KCBVote Of Thanks: THE RT. THE EARL OF LIMERICK KBELocation: ST ERMIN’S HOTELGuest List Available

Speech by His Excellency Mr. Pertti Salolainen

His Excellency Mr. Pertti Salolainen The Ambassador of FinlandOn:  The Results of the Finnish Presidency of the E. U 31  January 2000 Introduction “During its first Presidency of the European Union (1 July – 31 December 1999) Finland presided over the Union very successfully. Finland promoted the Union’s operations in an active and impartial manner, emphasisingContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Mr. Pertti Salolainen”

Speech by The Hon. David Gore-Booth, CMG

The Hon. David Gore-Booth, CMG High Commissioner in India On: The Middle East 25 October 1999 “I am astonished to discover 233 of you here this evening.  Even the European-Atlantic Group which arranges most things very carefully will not, I think, have arranged 233 because the JP233 is the bomb we are dropping on Iraq’s airfields. Continue reading “Speech by The Hon. David Gore-Booth, CMG”

Speech by Sergio Silvio Balanzino

H.E. Sergio Silvio Balanzino Deputy Secretary-General of NATO On:  CURRENT TASKS OF THE ATLANTIC ALLIANCE Delivered to the European-Atlantic Group on November 3rd 1994 CURRENT TASKS OF THE ATLANTIC ALLIANCE by H.E. Sergio Silvio BalanzinoDeputy Secretary-General of NATO Speech to European-Atlantic Group in St. Emins Hotel, Westminster  November 3rd 1994 Last January, (1994) the Brussels SummitContinue reading “Speech by Sergio Silvio Balanzino”

Speech by Monsieur Jacques Attali

Monsieur Jacques Attali President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development On:  A CONTINENTAL COMMON MARKET Delivered to the European-Atlantic Group on May 12th 1992 A CONTINENTAL COMMON MARKET by Monsieur Jacques Attali, President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development May 12th. 1992 In taking over the Presidency of the European Community in July, the UnitedContinue reading “Speech by Monsieur Jacques Attali”

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