Speech by Sir Brian Unwin, KCB

Thursday, 23rd  March, 2000Speaker:   SIR BRIAN UNWIN, KCB                  → Hon. President, European Investment BankOn:  ‘A VIEW FROM THE HEART OF EUROPE:  SEVEN YEARS AT THE EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK’Chairman, House of Commons: FRANK COOK, Esq. and MPChairman,Dinner-Discussion:  THE EARL OF LIMERICK, KBESponsor: FRANK COOK, Esq., and MPLocation One: COMMITTEE ROOM 10, HOUSE OF COMMONS;Location Two: ST. ERMIN’SContinue reading “Speech by Sir Brian Unwin, KCB”

Foreign Policy

Tuesday, 29th  February, 2000Speaker:   THE   RT.  HON. MENZIES CAMPBELL, CBE, QC, MP                   → Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Defense and EuropeOn: ‘FOREIGN POLICY’Chairman:  THE LORD JUDD OF PORTSEAOpening Discussion: SIR TIMOTHY GARDEN, KCBVote Of Thanks: THE RT. THE EARL OF LIMERICK KBELocation: ST ERMIN’S HOTELGuest List Available

Speech by His Excellency Mr. Pertti Salolainen

His Excellency Mr. Pertti Salolainen The Ambassador of FinlandOn:  The Results of the Finnish Presidency of the E. U 31  January 2000 Introduction “During its first Presidency of the European Union (1 July – 31 December 1999) Finland presided over the Union very successfully. Finland promoted the Union’s operations in an active and impartial manner, emphasisingContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Mr. Pertti Salolainen”

Speech by The Hon. David Gore-Booth, CMG

The Hon. David Gore-Booth, CMG High Commissioner in India On: The Middle East 25 October 1999 “I am astonished to discover 233 of you here this evening.  Even the European-Atlantic Group which arranges most things very carefully will not, I think, have arranged 233 because the JP233 is the bomb we are dropping on Iraq’s airfields. Continue reading “Speech by The Hon. David Gore-Booth, CMG”

Speech by Sergio Silvio Balanzino

H.E. Sergio Silvio Balanzino Deputy Secretary-General of NATO On:  CURRENT TASKS OF THE ATLANTIC ALLIANCE Delivered to the European-Atlantic Group on November 3rd 1994 CURRENT TASKS OF THE ATLANTIC ALLIANCE by H.E. Sergio Silvio BalanzinoDeputy Secretary-General of NATO Speech to European-Atlantic Group in St. Emins Hotel, Westminster  November 3rd 1994 Last January, (1994) the Brussels SummitContinue reading “Speech by Sergio Silvio Balanzino”

Speech by Monsieur Jacques Attali

Monsieur Jacques Attali President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development On:  A CONTINENTAL COMMON MARKET Delivered to the European-Atlantic Group on May 12th 1992 A CONTINENTAL COMMON MARKET by Monsieur Jacques Attali, President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development May 12th. 1992 In taking over the Presidency of the European Community in July, the UnitedContinue reading “Speech by Monsieur Jacques Attali”