Speech by Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammed

Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammed former Prime Minister of Malaysia On: Malaysia in Asia 21 March 2011 “He is qualified with a first class medical degree and then entered into politics. The most important part of his life was the time he was Prime Minister of Malaysia, from 1981 to 2003. He, quite literally, transformed thatContinue reading “Speech by Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammed”

Introductory remarks by The Rt. Hon. Baroness Symons of Vernam Dean

The Rt. Hon. Baroness Symons of Vernam Dean On:  60th Anniversary NATO 9th November 2009 “Your Royal Highness, Your Excellencies, My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the European-Atlantic Group, may I begin by wishing you all a very warm welcome this evening, and saying how delighted we are that so many of you haveContinue reading “Introductory remarks by The Rt. Hon. Baroness Symons of Vernam Dean”

Speech by HRH The Duke of York

HRH The Duke of York On: 60th Anniversary NATO 9th November 2009 “Deja Vu!  I am sure I was here 10 years ago!  This is something that I had not previously considered as a Member of the Royal Family being asked to give a speech 10 years later to the same group; it’s rather like beingContinue reading “Speech by HRH The Duke of York”

Speech by Professor David Coleman

Professor David Coleman On: What Demographic Trends Portend 14 October, 2009 George Guise: ‘I’m very pleased indeed to see my old friend David Coleman, who worked in the government when I was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher in Number 10, and he was at both the Home Office and the Department of the Environment – notContinue reading “Speech by Professor David Coleman”

Speech by Lord Corbett of Castle Vale

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale On: Iran: Partner or Pariah in a Turbulent Region 7th July 2009 The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, CBE, CMG: “I am David Montgomery, former chairman and former president some years ago, and I have been recycled into this job tonight for various reasons, but I am recycled all the time, I amContinue reading “Speech by Lord Corbett of Castle Vale”

Speech by His Excellency Dr. Kennith Kaunda

His Excellency Dr. Kennith Kaunda Former President of Zambia & Geoffery Clifton Brown MP On: A Speech and Conversation With Geoffrey Clifton Brown MP 8th June 2009 GRACE (composed by the Rev. John Papworth for this occasion) Lord beholds us with thy blessing, gathered here to do honor to a great African statesman. May we beContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Dr. Kennith Kaunda”

Speech by Dele Ogun

DELE OGUN On: Another Way for Nigeria Chairman/Sponsor of House of Commons: Geoffrey Clifton Brown, MP Vote of Thanks: Professore Alan Lee Williams, MBE Location: COMMITTEE ROOM 11, HOUSE OF COMMONS 18 May 2009 Q & A Q: “Nigeria is part of the commonwealth; it is a member of the African union; it supplies huge numbersContinue reading “Speech by Dele Ogun”

Speech by John Lloyd

John Lloyd Director of Journalism, the Reuters Institute On: Freedom of Expression and the Media 7th  April 2009 “Many thanks for the honour of asking me here.  I want to put the issue of freedom of expression in an international context, as I believe we cannot discuss the issue in isolation.  Freedom of the media isContinue reading “Speech by John Lloyd”

Speech by Derek Tonkin

Derek Tonkin Formerly HM Ambassador to Thailand and Laos 1986-89, and HM Ambassador to Vietnam 1980-82.  Chairman, Network Myanmar. On: Myanmar or Burma : Can the West Help? 20th October 2008 Bo Aung Din addressed the Group immediately afterwards. “The Confucian philosopher Mencius decreed that old men with white hair ought not to be forced toContinue reading “Speech by Derek Tonkin”

Speech by Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon On: Financial Crisis 2nd July 2008 Introduction: “Hugo Dixon is here tonight as our distinguished guest and we welcome him. He’s much more equipped to talk about these complicated studies tonight and which to give him a warm welcome please and listen to his very wise words.” Applause! Hugo Dixon: “Thank you very muchContinue reading “Speech by Hugo Dixon”

Speech by Paramount Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai

Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai Tribal Leader, Afghanistan On: Afghanistan – A Viable Alternative Approach April 2nd 2008 John Pugh MP (introducing Chief Khan and David Simpson) “…David Simpson has been in Afghanistan for many years and has shown me photographs of some of the inaugurations of the Taliban movement. We discussed Afghanistan because his feelings aboutContinue reading “Speech by Paramount Chief Ajmal Khan Zazai”

Speech by General Sir Michael Jackson

General Sir Michael ‘Mike’ Jackson, GCB CBE DSO ADC Chief of the General Staff of the British Army On: A General’s reflection 26th February 2008 “Ladies and Gentlemen, my lords, barons, ladies and gentlemen, diplomats are here as well. It’s such a pleasure to see you all on this very grand occasion in this delightful setting.Continue reading “Speech by General Sir Michael Jackson”

Speech by Hon Barbara Kennelly and Hon Sue Kelly

Hon Barbara Kennelly and Hon Sue Kelly On: America at Home and Abroad 5th November 2007 Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, CMG, CBE: “Thank you very much. We’re here tonight with the Association of Former Members of Congress and also we have the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library, Professor Davies is going to beContinue reading “Speech by Hon Barbara Kennelly and Hon Sue Kelly”

Speech by Sir Michael Burton

Sir Michael Burton High Court Judge On: The Impact on the Courts of England and Wales of Human Rights and European Law  18 October 2007 Introduction (Sir Michael Burton, E-AG): “I used to be the Chairman and then the President of the Group a few years ago, so you may ask yourself why I am chairingContinue reading “Speech by Sir Michael Burton”

Speech by Her Excellency Gabriele Matner-Holzer

Her Excellency Gabriele Matner-Holzer On: Looking back, around and ahead from the Centre of Europe May 21, 2007 “Central Europe is, of course, not just a geographic term, but also has political, historical, economic and cultural connotations. There are a number of countries who claim to harbour the centre of Europe, including Austria which considersContinue reading “Speech by Her Excellency Gabriele Matner-Holzer”

Speech by Sir Maurice Shock

Sir Maurice Shock Author; Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford On: Advice to a Prime Minister 22nd March 2007 Justin Glass:  “My lords, ladies, and gentlemen.  We have a slightly different-from-normal format for us today, as I’ve explained to some of you.  We are extremely lucky and privileged to have Sir Morris with us.  As befits theContinue reading “Speech by Sir Maurice Shock”

Speech by Sir Christopher Gent

Sir Christopher Gent Chief Executive, Vodaphone On: US/European Relations from a Governance & Globalisation point of view 8th March 2007 “Much has changed for me since those early days (when Sir Christopher first knew Lord Dykes) particularly in my business life and I hope that gives me some authority to speak on the matters tonight.  I have beenContinue reading “Speech by Sir Christopher Gent”

Speech by Major General Patrick Cordingley, DSO DSC FRGS

Major General Patrick Cordingley, DSO DSC FRGS Land Commander in the Gulf War On: Afghanistan; The Use of Force 23rd February 2007 Prof. Alan Lee Williams:  “Your Excellencies, Ladies, and Gentleman, since we have today such a fascinating speaker, I want to make as room as possible for questions.  So we are starting the proceedings beforeContinue reading “Speech by Major General Patrick Cordingley, DSO DSC FRGS”

Speech by His Excellency Mr. Robert Tuttle

His Excellency Mr. Robert Tuttle On: America’s New Perspective 01 February 2007 “The last quarter of the 20th Century produced the greatest expansion of democracy in history. If democracy is defined as a system of government in which the principal positions of political power are filled through free, fair and regular elections. Since 1974, the numberContinue reading “Speech by His Excellency Mr. Robert Tuttle”

Speech by Baroness Park of Monmouth CMG, OBE

Baroness Park of Monmouth CMG, OBE On: Zimbabwe: The Future 29 November 2006 “Many might query my title, Zimbabwe: the Future, and until recently I should have felt hard put to justify that title. Zimbabwe was, until six years ago, one of the most prosperous African countries, the breadbasket of Southern Africa, and enjoyed aContinue reading “Speech by Baroness Park of Monmouth CMG, OBE”

Speech by Former Congressman Thomas J. Downey and Former Congressman Lou Frey, JR.

Former Congressman Thomas J. Downey (Democratic Party) and Former Congressman Lou Frey, JR. (Republican) On: America After The Mid-Term Elections? 14 November 2006 Part one: Geoffrey Clifton Brown, MP: “We are very lucky to have both Lou Frey and Tom Downey here. Lou was Chairman and is now on the Executive Committee of the AssociationContinue reading “Speech by Former Congressman Thomas J. Downey and Former Congressman Lou Frey, JR.”

Speech by H. E. Mr Yury Viktorovich Fedotov

His Excellency Mr Yury Viktorovich Fedotov The Russian Ambassador On: The G-8 Summit and the Russian Presidency 21 September 2006 “It continues to be a special year as Russia for the first time assumes the presidency of the G8. Although this is a privilege and a great honour, it is also a challenge. People inContinue reading “Speech by H. E. Mr Yury Viktorovich Fedotov”

Speech by The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom Rifkind, KCMG QC

The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom Rifkind, KCMG QC On: When Bush comes to shove; the Second Term 1st December 2004 “The Community is in great flux. Since the Stuttgart summit of last June we have had negotiations proceeding through the Athens summit, through the Brussels summit and which seem likely to continue to the summit atContinue reading “Speech by The Rt. Hon. Sir Malcom Rifkind, KCMG QC”