Archived Tape Recordings

The following is a list of the tape recordings of E-AG events which can be made available for expenses to be negotiated for each tape requested. 




24 April 1989

H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh; Herr Manfred Worner, Secretary-General of NATO; General John Galvin, The Supreme Commander Europe

NATO Banquet

11 July 1991

Sir Ralf Dahrendorf, KBE

The New Europe

26 Nov 1991

The Rt Hon Lord Chalfont, OBE, MC

Defence and Disarmament - Is the Peace Dividend an Illusion?

1 Feb 1994

H.E. Ambassador Javier Perez de Cuellar, Former Secretary-General, UN

The Changing Face of UN Military Intervention

19 Oct 1994

The Lord Richard, QC, Opposition Leader, House of Lords

The Views of the Opposition on Foreign Affairs

3 Nov 1994

Ambassador Sergio Balanzino, Deputy Secretary-General of NATO

The Current Tasks of the Atlantic Alliance

12 Dec 1994

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker, The Egyptian Ambassador

The Middle East Peace Process

25 Jan 1995

Dr. Kevin Klose, President of Radio Free Europe

Broadcasting in the post-Cold War Era

20 Feb 1995

H.E. The Hon Neil Blewett, Australian High Commissioner

Australia and The Pacific Rim

22 Mar 1995

HE Admiral William J. Crowe, The US Ambassador

The United States and Europe

27 April 1995

The Hon Royce Frith, High Commissioner for Canada

The Worldwide Problems of Over-fishing

22 May 1995

Sir Richard Morris, Chairman of Nirex

Radioactive Waste Disposal

26 Oct 1995

Sir Dudley Smith, DL, MP, President, Western European Union Assembly

The Future of European Defence and Security

29 Nov 1995

H.E. Mr. Anatoly Adamishin, The Russian Ambassador

Russia and the West Together into the 21st Century

8 Feb 1996

Minister Silvio Fagiolo, Italian Representative, Inter-Governmental EU Conference

Italy in Europe - The Inter-Governmental Conference

27 Feb 2996

Senator Frank Swaelen, President, Belgian Senate and President, O.S.C.E. Assembly

Enhancing European Security Through European Diplomacy

16 May 1996

H.E. Ambassador Robert Hunter, US Representative to NATO

The Future of NATO: 2000 and Beyond

17 Oct 1996

Mr. John Hume, MP and The Rt. Hon Michael Ancram, QC, DL, MP

Solutions for Irish Problems

21 Nov 1996

The Rt Hon Michael Portillo, MP, Secretary of State for Defence

Global Security

11 Dec 1996

Dr Pehr Gyllenhammar, Swedish Diplomat and Financier, Lazard Freres

Political, Industrial, and Monetary Issues - Scandinavia and Europe

28 Jan 1997

H.E. M. Jean Gueginou, The French Ambassador

Anglo-French Relations Within The Community

25 Feb 1997

The Rt Reverend The Lord Runcie

Religion and Diplomacy

19 March 1997

Señor Marcellino Oreja, The Spanish Commissioner of the EU for Information and the Inter-Governmental Conference

Reforming the EU Treaties

24 April 1997

Mr. Richard Scriven , JP, FRSA, CC, Chief Financial Officer, Corporation of London

London as a World Financial Center

3 July 1997

The Rt Hon Lord Chalfont, OBE, MC

NATO Enlargement: The Significance of the Madrid Summit

24 Nov 1997

Chatham House Rules

The Hon Peter Caruana, Chief Minister of Gilbraltar

Gilbraltar: A Modern State in Europe

12 Feb 1998

Sir Stephen Wall

Beyond Amsterdam to 2000

8 April 1998

The Lord Whitty

The Presidency of the European Union

7 May 1998

M. Jean-Claude Banon, President of the French Chamber of Commerce in the UK and Professor Alex Danchev, Keele University

The First Year of the New Socialist Governments in France and the UK

28 Jan 1999

The Rt Hon Menzies Campbell, CBE, QC, MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Europe

Foreign Policy

15 March 1999

Professor Otmar Issing, Executive Board, European Central Bank

The Euro: The First Four Weeks’

17 May 1999

H.R.H. The Duke of York, CVO, and Mr. Janusz Oyszkiewicz, Minister for National Defence, Poland, and General Sir Charles Guthrie, GCB, LVO, OBE, and Lord Judd of Portsea

NATO Banquet

29 June 1999

HE Herr Gebhardt Von Moltke, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

Germany’s Presidency of the European Union

12 July 2000

President Vytautas Landsbergis, President of the Lithuanian Parliament, Former President of Lithuania

Security Problems of Central and Eastern Europe

23 May 2001

Professor Robert Worcester, Chairman, MORI

Implications for the General Election

22 June 2004

Admiral Sir Alan West, GCB, DSC, ADC, First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff


1 Oct 2004

Dr. Chris West, Director of the UK Climate Impacts Programme

Climate Risks: how to manage them

21 June 2005

His Eminence Cardinal Murphy O’Connor, Cardinal Priest of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Archbishop of Westminster

Religion and Politics

17 Oct 2005

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

Looking East: An American Perspective

21 Sep 2006

H.E. Mr. Yury Viktorovich Fedotov, The Russian Ambassador

The G-8 Summit and the Russian Presidency

14 Nov 2006

Thomas J. Downey (Democratic Party); Lou Frey, Jr. (Republican Party)

America After the Midterm Elections

30 Nov 2006

The Baroness Park of Monmouth CMG, OBE

Zimbabwe: The Future

1 Feb 2007

HE Mr. Robert Tuttle, Ambassador of the United States of America

America’s New Perspective

23 Feb 2007

Major General Patrick Cordingley DSO, DSC, FRGS

Afghanistan: The Use of Force

22 Mar 2007

Sir Maurice Shock

Advice to a Prime Minister

19 April 2007

Sir Michael Quinlan, GCB

The Future of Nuclear Weapons in World Security

18 Oct 2007

Sir Michael Burton

The Impact of the Courts of England and Wales on Human Rights and European Law

10 Nov 2007

The Lord Watson of Richmond, CBE

European-Atlantic Relations

26 Feb 2008

General Sir Michael ‘Mike’ Jackson, GCB, CBE, DSO, ADC


2 April 2008

Pashtun Paramount Chief Ajmal Khan

Afghanistan - A Viable Alternative Approach

24 April 2008

The Lord Powell of Bayswater, KCMG, Recently Chairman of the China-Britain Business Council

How China is Tackling Climate Change and its International Implications

2 July 2008

Hugo Dixon of

The Financial Crisis

24 Feb 2009

The Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford

Towards Energy and Climate Realism

18 May 2009

Dele Ogun

Another Way for Nigeria

7 July 2009

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale

Iran: Partner or Pariah in a Turbulent Region

12 Oct 2009

Professor David Coleman

What Demographic Trends Portend