What we do

The European-Atlantic Group is a non-party Westminster based group with charitable status that organizes meetings on a wide range of topical and significant international relations and related matters, usually in Committee Rooms in the House of Commons but sometimes also in the City or elsewhere in London. In spite of the EAG's title this includes meetings on all areas of the world.
The EAG aims to strengthen trans-Atlantic links, and to bring together experts from the political, military, security, diplomatic, economic, and academic fields from NATO or OSCE and from Commonwealth and other allied countries, and also to provide independent and varied sources of information, analysis, and advice on international, defence, and security affairs for Parliamentarians and others interested in these matters.
It has a varied membership including diplomats, parliamentarians, officers of the armed forces, business people, students of international relations and defence and security matters, and the informed and interested general public.
Its Chairman is The Rt. Hon. Lord Hamilton of Epsom, P.C.

We Facilitate

We organise debates, meetings and forums to help bring together people from all over the world to help each other.

We Bring Countries Together

Whilst our focus is on European and Transatlantic relations. All countries are welcome to participate.

We Transform

We help develop political policy by enabling countries to discuss issues and problems within a neutral forum.

We Grow

We help countries develop by enabling them to discuss potential issues and problems together, without political bias.